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Asuswrt-Merlin - 380.62_alpha2 (11-Sep-2016) 发布

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2016-09-11 1237 次浏览 个评论

d737a56 nano: Updated to 2.7.0
f479c50 Updated documentation
697d1b7 rc: allow bogus DHCP REPLIES from broken ISPs on renewals, not just on initial lease
72c8e1c iptables: Add missing ip6t_recent module for IPv6 (MIPS only) (fixes #999)
f1f5c76 networkmap: Fix some more leaked file descriptors
101fae2 httpd: Use sizeof() instead of hardcoded values.
a1b7122 Merge pull request #1033 from pusewicz/patch-1
31bf2f2 httpd: Fix more memory leaks related to networkmap, and issues introduced with commit 1a3cb62adf8d2c1769886f43bbca1c3285200777.
c7075c6 Fix variable spelling
9de5b81 rc: Remove alarming message about NTP failure, it's simply that hourly_monitor hasn't noticed yet that NTP has very recently synced our clock, and will do so in 120 seconds.
1d5ce4d networkmap: Add missing brackets
88033d7 Updated documentation
a3b6d41 Bumped revision to alpha 2
1a3cb62 httpd: Fixed leaked handle and a few potential buffer overruns in code related to networkmap
c818a3b networkmap: Fixed numerous leaked handles (missing socket close() calls on error cases); fix crash in arpstorm when failing to obtain a socket
d372732 networkmap: Fix buffer overrun (was limiting the size with the wrong structure element - 4000 bytes instead of only 200)
942a2f4 networkmap: Fix memory leak (missing free() )
3c0ee25 networkmap: Allocate one extra byte for the string's null terminator byte
5560fed networkmap: We just allocated the target buffer based on source length, so no point in re-checking it (it looks wrong anyway)
59632e6 networkmap: Free potential memory leak
66b051f networkmap: Using sprintf() on ourselves can be dangerous - use a temp buffer instead


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