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Asuswrt-Merlin 380.67 alpha 3

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2017-06-23 621 次浏览 个评论

Asuswrt-Merlin Changelog


380.67 Beta (xx-xxx-2017)

  - NEW: Merged with GPL 380_7743 code , with binary blobs from:

           * 7378 for N66U, AC66U, AC87U, AC3200

           * 7743 for AC56U, AC68U, AC88U, AC3100, AC5300

  - NEW: Custom config support for quagga/ripd.

  - NEW: Webui SSL certificate can now be saved so it gets reused

         instead of a new one being constantly generated.  It will

         be stored under /jffs/https/, you can also easily provide

         your own by storing cert.pem and key.pem in that location.

         Settings to control this can be found under

         Administration -> System.

  - CHANGED: Remember chosen sort method on DHCP static reservations


  - CHANGED: Updated minidlna to 1.2.0.

  - CHANGED: Updated nano to 2.8.4.

  - CHANGED: Updated openssl to 1.0.2l

  - CHANGED: Upgraded from vsftpd 2.0.4 to 3.0.3.  You might need to

             revise any custom configuration you have done (if any).

  - CHANGED: Moved SMB2 support switch to the main samba page.

  - CHANGED: Optimized all webui images for size

  - CHANGED: Tor now runs as a limited user instead of as root

  - CHANGED: Limited number of supported OpenVPN clients to 2 on

             the RT-AC3200, to save on nvram.

  - CHANGED: Removed tweak that allowed to disable/enable bridge

             multicast snooping, as Asus now disables it upstream

             at the kernel level.

  - FIXED: OpenVPN client would be shown as having failed to connect

           if a reconnect attempt initially failed to authenticate,

           but succesfully connected afterward.

  - FIXED: Quagga's log could fill up RAM, reduced the amount of

           logging generated by it.

  - FIXED: NFS sometimes failing to start properly (patch by john9527)

  - FIXED: Layout issue of the status bar under Chrome when window

           is larger than 1800px (patch by Cyrus Dargahi)

  - FIXED: UPNP and SNMP issues in Dual WAN mode.

  - FIXED: NAT Loopback (merlin mode) in Dual WAN mode wasn't supported.











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