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Asuswrt-Merlin 380.67 Beta 1

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2017-06-25 615 次浏览 个评论

Asuswrt-Merlin 380.67 Beta 1 is now available for all supported model. This update merges with newer Asus GPL, improves SSL certificate support for the webui, and updates various components.

The highlights:

Merged with GPL 380_7743. Note that Asus hasn't released GPL drops for all models, so the following models will use a mixture of 7743 and 7378: N66U, AC66U, AC87U, AC3200.

Webui SSL certificates can now be saved to the /jffs/https/ folder, and made persistant accross reboots. New settings can be found under Administration -> System on the webui.

Updated numerous components to their latest versions: minidlna, nano, openssl, ipset (ARM). (for those who missed it, OpenVPN was already updated to 2.4.3 in the 380.66_6 security update).

Vsftpd was upgraded from 2.0.4 to 3.0.3. You might need to adjust any custom configuration you might have done in the past.

As SMB1 is getting deprecated by Microsoft, the switch to enable SMB2 support has been moved to the Samba settings page rather than kept as a tweak.

Optimized webui images to reduce their size

Tor runs as a limited user now instead of root, for enhanced security.

The option to enable/disable bridge multicast snooping was removed, as Asus has now permanently disabled it at the kernel level.

A few other minor enhancements - see the Changelog for details

Things in need of specific testing:

The new webui SSL certificate enhancements. Try providing your own certificates under /jffs/https/. To have httpd start using them (after enabling it under Administration -> System), you must restart httpd: "service restart_httpd".

Vsftpd: make sure it still works properly after the upgrade to the newer 3.x branch

Tor: make sure it still works properly

ipset on ARM models: make sure the update to 6.32 didn't break anything

openvpn: make sure nothing was broken by the recent update to 2.4.3 in 380.66_6.











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