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Asuswrt-Merlin 380.66 beta 2 Changelog

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2017-04-27 723 次浏览 个评论

380.66 beta (xx-xxx-2017)

   - NEW: Merged with GPL 380_7378

          Notable changes:

             * Port forwards can select a specific source IP

             * Improved security against ssh break-in attempts

          Known issues:

             * Some wifi clients such as wireless printers

               have connectivity issues.  Try disabling

               Airtime Fairness as a potential workaround.

  - NEW: Option to disable Wanduck's constant DNS probing

         for WAN state (Tools -> Other Settings)

  - NEW: Allow disabling use of DH, by entering

         "none" in the DH field for OpenVPN server config.

  - CHANGED: Ovpn importer now recognizes the "port" parameter.

  - CHANGED: Ovpn importer now support a third argument for

             the "remote" parameter, allowing to define the


  - CHANGED: Updated Tor to

  - CHANGED: Updated nano to 2.8.1

  - CHANGED: Policy-based routing tables will now only contain

             routes related to their specific tunnel.  This

             ensures that global routes cannot override a

             tunnel's policies.

  - CHANGED: SSL certificate generated for httpds will now

             contain SANs for hostname,, IP

             and DDNS hostname.

  - REMOVED: The Virtual Server page no longer allows users to

             edit existing port forwards (our existing code is

             incompatible with Asus's newer webui code and will

             need to be re-implemented.)

  - FIXED: WOL page fails to load if adding a client with a

           quote in its name.

  - FIXED: Couldn't add a DHCP reservation client if its name

           contained a quote.

  - FIXED: New outbound connections weren't logged if firewall

           logging was enabled.

  - FIXED: OpenVPN server didn't always work properly in udp mode

           when in a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 environment (backport

           from GPL 382_9736)

  - FIXED: When disabling NCP support in OpenVPN, the router

           could still be trying to use it if the remote end

           had it enabled.

  - FIXED: Potential CVE-2016-10229 security issue in kernel

           (unsure whether our kernel was vulnerable or not)

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