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ASUS DSL-AC88U 1.10.02_build394

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ASUS DSL-AC88U Firmware version 1.10.02_build394 (This product supports Annex A)
- Now supports WiFi Guest Network advanced features(Access time/ Access Intranet/ Enable MAC Filter).
- Support WiFi Roaming assistant feature(Wireless > Professional).
- Support advanced Network Map > Client status feature(change client icon/ modify client name and IP/ Block Internet Access/ Parental Controls/ MAC and IP address Binding).
- Fine tune DSL Log > DSL path mode info.
- Fixed YouView IPTV streaming issues.
- Remove sync capability from "Auto Sync-Up" in DSL modulation(could set with fixed option instead).
- Fine tune allowed special characters of username/password fields in VPN server and client pages.
- Fixed after enable DMZ, LAN PC can't login to LAN side's FTP server via WAN IP address issue.
- Fixed Virtual Server-NAT Loopback failed to work issue.
- Modify UK ISP BT - Infinity 2 to BT - Infinity.
- Fixed Download Master related issues.
- Support dnsmasq forwarding for PPPoA connection type.
- Fixed PPPoA send LCP Echo request frequently issue.
- Enhance loading speed of WiFi Guest Network page.
- Fine tune WiFi Beamforming settings.
- Support Login Fail Block mode and set block duration to 300 seconds when login retry reached 5 fail attempts, in order to enhance web server protection.
- Change QIS > UK ISP profile of "Plusnet - Fibre broadband (VDSL + YouView TV)" for IPTV service (bridge mode with IGMP snooping disable).
- Change QIS > UK ISP profile of "BT - Infinity (VDSL + YouView TV) to match "Plusnet - Fibre broadband (VDSL + YouView TV)" for IPTV service.
- Add new QIS > UK ISP profile of "TalkTalk Automatic IP/PPPoE (VDSL + YouView TV)" for IPTV service.
- Adopt same IPTV policy for "Plusnet - Fibre broadband", "BT - Infinity" and "TalkTalk".
- Allow restoring Setting file with extension name "cfg" (lower case).
- Remove redundant NTP message if Parental Control has been disabled.
- Extend QIS > waiting time from 24 to 60 seconds for "Detecting the Internet connection type timed out".
- Show pointer cursor when mouse cursor move over "Sign in" button.
- Clear VPN files and settings after reset to default.
- Fixed UI JavaScript errors.
- Remove unnecessary messages from syslog.
- Support application cache with manifest.
- Remove redundant messages "time disparity of xxx minutes detected" from syslog.
- Fine tune DSL Uptime in DSL log page.
- Fixed Add/Delete is not working when add/delete 32 records at one time in Network Service Filter page.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: D17E79A3352A97CCAD94D5B9925B9218

DSL-AC88U   1.10.02_build394 | 大小:35.5MB | 来源:华硕官网

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