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AdvancedTomato3.4-138 RT-N18u

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Update 3.4 (GUI):

- Fixed System UI alignment of the CPU, RAM, SWAP and WAN description/values

- Fixed issue where Virtual Wireless interfaces showed enable/disable on the overview page

- Fixed the Advanced VLAN pages on all firmwares (hopefully) for good now

- Fixed miss align on IP Traffic graphs where percentage did not properly align with other details in row

- Fixed issue "Error reading file" when restoring IP Traffic and Bandwidth data

- Fixed invalid redirection after uploading custom Captive Portal Splash page

- Fixed weird gold color on some of default alert boxes like on unsupported feature message at admin buttons page

- Improved SVG rendering anti-aliasing because it was horrible before (Graphs, Charts, etc...)

- Greatly Improved browser caching which was previously a JOKE in Tomato's HTTPD handler (120s to 12h for CSS/JS)

- Added new authorization page which currently have no point but to wait for a propriate HTTPD (Firmware) changes

- Added ability to retry AJAX connections on fail up to 8x (when router doesn't respond with 200 (HTTP OK))

- Added different error message when restoring too big IP Traffic or Bandwidth data

Version 3.4-138 (Change log)


3.4-138 RT-N18u| 大小:21.44MB | 来源:百度云 | 提取码:ccxv

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